Evaluation Report: C&A Store Giving Programme

This evaluation report was produced by CAD on behalf of C&A Foundation. It presents the key findings, conclusions and recommendations regarding C&A’s Community/Store Giving Programme (SGP). The programme was established in 2006 and is active in 21 countries in Europe (including Turkey) where C&A operates retail stores.

IBAN, GlobalCAD and the John D. Gerhart Center of AUC publish a new Practitioners Guide for Inclusive Business in the FMCG sector

4.5 billion people living at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) have a combined spending power of $5 trillion dollars. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are responsible for a large share of this spending in lowincome communities. At the same time, companies have the possibility to create a positive impact +

Green Growth and Human Capital Development in Africa

The report analyses how Human Capital Development can contribute to Africa’s transition to Green Growth within the framework of the Bank’s Ten- Year Strategy for 2013-2022. It examines the linkages between Green Growth and Human Capital Development, with a special focus on inclusiveness and access to opportunities. Moreover, it presents +

Paving the Way for ICT Growth through Business Incubation in Tanzania.

The Outcome Assessment was produced by the Center of Partnerships for Development (CAD) and commissioned by infoDev, a global partnership program with the World Bank. The report features an analysis of the outcomes of the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) in Tanzania, one of the projects under the Creating Sustainable Businesses +

Base of the Pyramid 3.0

Stuart L. Hart and Fernando Casado Cañeque have worked with members of the BoP Global Network to shake the tree, look objectively at what has happened since 2002, highlight why earlier applications of BoP havent worked and propose new objectives and ways of working to formulate more sustainable solutions.

Strategy and Competitiveness in Latin American Markets

This book aims to become a change maker for Latin America, explaining how the sustainability frontier can be expanded through disruptive innovation and propose alternative economic models, more inclusive and sustainable for the region. The book counts with globally recognized academics leaders on sustainability and Fernando Casado, CAD director, contributed +

Youth productive employment through entrepreneurship development in the Arab Region: State of the art of interventions in Egypt and Tunisia

The following paper by Philippe Jochaud, was published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The report takes stock of present initiatives in Egypt and Tunisia that promote entrepreneurship for youth employment creation. Read the article Download PDF 

Outcome Assessment. Mobile Innovation Roadshow

This Outcome Assessment has been produced by the Centre of Partnerships for Development (CAD) and commissioned by infoDev, a global partnership program with the World Bank. The report features an analysis of the effects of the Mobile Innovation Roadshow, as a pilot project of infoDev’s Mobile Innovation Program. The Mobile +

Strengthening capacities for innovation through Agribusiness Incubation Training

This report analyzes the effects of the delivery of infoDev’s agribusiness incubation training program, as part of its Agribusiness Innovation Program (AIP), which has been provided to a total of 149 people of 25 countries from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The analysis includes direct short-term effects on +

Do mLabs Make a Difference?

This report conducted by the CAD team is an assessment of the overall effects of infoDev’s mobile application labs (mLabs). mLabs are specialized mobile business incubation and acceleration facilities offering physical workspace, mentoring and coaching, devices for mobile application testing, training, and startup competitions. mLabs were designed as pilot projects +